Donavan Lakes Fishing Club
Donavan Lake

[Opened for membership on 1 June, 2002]

Way to go Griffin!
F1 hybrid bass are getting big in Donavan Lake. In June, 2002, we caught bass weighing almost 3 pounds from Donavan Lake.
Griffin Riggs, grandson of Roy and Inez Barnett, enjoyed a fishing trip on Donavan Lake in late April, 2002.
Coppernose bream are already "keepers" in Donavan Lake. The fish feeders are really doing their job. Ultra light gear is fun for both bass and bream.
Hudson Wilson with a nice coppernose bream
Ray Wilson, Manager Wilson's brother from Arkansas
F1 hybrid bass gain their largest percent of weight during the second year of growth.

Donavan Lake and 1880 Farm House

Islands with trees for structure
Construction Photos

Lake Donavan is 40 acres of deep water, creek channels, islands, humps, numerous points, over 40 large trees and 60 cedar trees for structure. I am creating two telephone pole fishing trees ... wonderful fishing structure. This lake is stocked and opened for club fishing on 1 June, 2002.


We have established large bream bedding areas in the lake and have spread over 300 tons of pea gravel on these bedding grounds. Fishing piers, fish feeders, and other features place Lake Donavan high on the list of outstanding fishing lakes in the South.

"Bream Island" with tons of pea gravel spread for bedding grounds
Large trees pulled into Lake Donavan to add structure

Large trees were pulled into Donavan Lake by skidders. Standing cedar trees mark fishing structure such as channels and ditches.

Lake Donavan was stocked in the winter of 2001with F1 hybrid bass from American Sport Fish Hatchery in Montgomery. F1 hybrids are a cross between the Florida Bass and the Northern Bass. The F1 hybrid has the Northern subspecies genes for aggression and the Florida subspecies genes for obtaining great size. Only F1 bass are stocked in these lakes.

In addition to bluegill bream and shellcrackers, Lake Donavan is stocked with the exotic coppernose subspecies of Florida bluegill bream at the rate of 500/acre. Black and rosyred fathead minnows and threadfin shad have been stocked in Lake Donavan to get the bass off to a hefty start.

Islands with trees for structure
Deep hole by tree lined island...good bass structure Many interesting types of structure were created in Donavan Lake. This deep hole beside a cedar lined island will attract many big bass. Fishermen will need depth finders to chart all of the underwater features in the lake.
Manager Wilson pulled many small trees into the lake bed to add still more structure to attract bass. Manager Wilson enjoying another day on the tractor
Sturdivant Lake (12 acres) was stocked in the winter of 2001 with Florida and F1 hybrid bass. Fathead minnows, thredfin and gizzard shad exist in this lake for bass forage. Large catfish (10 pounds and more) are presently swimming in Sturdivant Lake.
Farm house beside Lake Donavan built about 1860 The Sturdivant Farm House, a mid-19th century home at the Donavan Club has been restored and expanded. This interesting home (Donavan Inn) is available to Club members and to the general public for rent.

We opened lakes Snag, Swamp and Inez in early June of 2003. The new club is called Donavan Lakes Fishing Club. You may join the Donavan Lakes Fishing Club and fish all nine lakes (the five Donavan Club lakes and the original 4 Bar-D lakes).


Thomas H. Wilson, Manager
1714 Prier Drive
Marion, AL 36756