Lakes Snag, Swamp and Inez

Construction of Lakes began in Fall of 2001

Snag Lake is starting to fill with water Lakes Snag (20 acres), Swamp (20 acres), and Inez (6 acres) were built in October of 2001 and will be open for fishing in June, 2003. These lakes are full of heavy structure and will test the fishing skill of all anglers. The lakes are stocked with F1 hybrid bass, coppernose bream, rosyred fathead minnows and threadfin shad.
Snag Lake
Snag Lake creeks Snag Lake logs Snag Lake logs...outstanding bass structure!
Manager Wilson shoveling pea gravel for bream beds View from west side of Snag Lake pier Snag Lake pier under construction
Community pier being built on Snag Lake Manager Wilson nailing stump markers in Snag Lake Bream bedding gravel around Snag Lake pier
Snag Lake stump field Gus Fikes spreading lime in Snag Lake Michael Woodfin planting ball cypress in Snag Lake
Snag Lake with new pier Snag Lake with pier Snag Lake has two large piers. One pier has a 100 foot long ramp and three fishing platforms...the "party pier."
The piers on Donavan lakes were build by Manager Wilson and several young people including Michael Woodfin, Chad and Caroline Wilson, Jeff Jones, Buck Washburn and brother-in-law W. A. Westerman of Weiner, Arkansas. Michael Woodfin working on the Snag Lake party pier Caroline Wilson working on Snag Lake pier
Snag Lake pier
Snag Lake pier, April of 2002
W. A. Westerman (Wilson's brother-in-law) helps with pier
Snag Lake,  April of 2002
Heavy structure in Snag Lake. "A Spider Wire lake if I ever saw one," Manager Wilson
Snag Lake, April of 2002
Snag Lake has lots of heavy cover. It is a top water wonderland. Good luck on catching the big one.
Chad and Hudson Wilson working on a pier on Snag Lake
Chad and Hudson Wilson take a Gatorade break

Swamp Lake

Swamp Lake view from dam Swamp Lake Frank Barton applying rotenone in Swamp Lake creek
Michael Woodfin, Buck Washburn and Manager Wilson build the Swamp Lake pier
Swamp Lake showing pier
Swamp Lake was stocked with bass and bream in May of 2002.
 Swamp Lake in April of 2002 Swamp Lake, 2002
  Lake Inez
Trees pulled into Lake Inez by skidders Big hackberry in Lake Inez
Structure in Lake Inez Ditch structure in Lake Inez
Tree structure in Lake Inez Cap Tubbs -master woodsman
Creek channel dug in Lake Inez Fishing structure in Lake Inez
  Chad Wilson, Hudson and Lauren help grandaddy built the Inez pier Lake Inez at pool level
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