Sturdivant Farm House (1880)

This farm house is known locally as the Sturdivant Farm House. It was built about 1880 on the King Plantation. The Sturdivants were the last occupants of the house. This farm house was restored and is named the Donavan Inn. The Inn is available for rent to members and to the general public. Donavan Inn.
Donavan Lake Farm House, November of 2000
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Construction of Donavan Inn
Construction of the bedroom wing of the new Donavan Inn, November, 2003
Chad and Hudson Wilson at Club sign Cowskull at Sturdivant Lake

The Construction of Donavan Lake (Winter 2000)

Tom Willis and crew install an 8 inch well for Donavan Lake Manager Thomas Wilson and grandson, Hudson
Logs for structure on islands Trees on islands with dog Sheba Big logs on islands
Ditch along islands with structure Cedar tree marks deep hole for bass Logs on island for bass structure
Pea gravel bedding areas for bream Bream island with pea gravel bedding areas Sheba on island with logs for bass structure
Sheba walking between islands with heavy structure Structure beside submerged island Cedar trees marking submerged structure
Construction of Donavan Lake (continued)

Thomas H. Wilson, Manager
1714 Prier Drive
Marion, AL 36756