Donavan Lakes Fishing Club Information

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Definition of Membership:

Memberships are from 1 January - 31 December. 2020

One person is designated the Club Member. This is usually the head of a household. The spouse and all dependents under 20 years of age are allowed to fish with the member. The spouse may bring the dependants and one guest without the member. Either the member or the spouse must always be present for dependants and guests to be on the property. One guest is allowed to accompany the member and his family (this is one person, not another family). Membership is not transferable.

Members will:

1. Members are encouraged to pay dues annually before 1 January of each new year 2020-- $1,000 to Donavan Lakes Fishing Club.

2. Make checks out to Donavan Lakes Fishing Club; mail to Thomas Wilson, Manager

3. Inform management before 31 December of each year if not renewing the membership and return the gate key to Thomas Wilson

4. Follow all rules of the club

5. Help keep the grounds clean and neat (absolutely litter free; including cigarette butts)

6. Lock the gate going in and coming out at both the Donavan and Bar-D clubs...never leave gate unlocked.

Types of Fish in the Bar-D Lakes: (1) Roy, (2) Ely, (3) Gayle

Florida bass, bluegill, coppernose bream, redear bream, threadfin shad, gizzard shad and fathead minnows are stocked in all lakes. A few catfish exist in Lake Roy and they are big (Lake 1). Golden shiners are in Lake Roy.

Donavan Club lakes have F1 hybrid largemouth Tiger bass and coppernose bream in addition to fathead minnows, golden shiners and threadfin shad.

Fishing Rules and Regulations:

  • Creel Limits:
    • Bass - 5 bass per person; 8 bass per party
    • Bream - 25 limit per person.
    • Catfish - no limit. Keep all crappie that you catch from any club lake. Crappie were not stocked... these are wild crappie.
  • Size Limits:
    • Bass - Release all bass over three pounds; you may keep a State record bass.
    • Bream & catfish - none
    • No trotline, or dropline fishing; no jug fishing...only rod, reel or pole!
  • No fishing with live bait for bass.

Camping on Club Property:

The owner allows camping until it is apparent that it causes problems or a mess.

  • You may camp in tents or pop-up campers anywhere at Bar-D; A RV pad with 30/50 amp hookups, security light, fishing pier is located beside Lake Galye at Bar-D (no water or dump). Camping at Donavan beside Snag, Swamp and Inez lakes. Five 30/50 amp hookups exist in the nice camping area above the Swamp Lake pier (suited for tents, popups, and small selfcontained motor homes). An adult must be present at all times. Be considerate of other members. You may gather dead wood to burn. Do not ever cut any size living tree. Be careful with fires...use common sense and safety. Put your fire out with buckets of water. Police the fire area... return it to a natural site...leave the place like you find it...clean and natural.
  • Do not leave campers on Club property. Take your camper with you when you leave.

  • The pastures around the lake are active hay fields. Workers will be cutting hay all summer. Please don’t get in their way.

  • Boats: The lakes are best suited for small boats. Bass boats are allowed.

  • No gasoline motors allowed to be run on any lake!

  • You may leave your boat on the property (at your own risk). Lock your boat to a tree. Please don’t lock boats to piers.

  • Don’t block the boat ramps with your vehicle.
  • No ATVs on Club property (except for management for maintenance); golf carts, both gas and electric, are allowed on Club property.

  • Days the Club is Open - every day, all year.

Management Stipulations:

  • All activities on the property of Donavan Lakes and Bar-D Fishing Clubs are at the risk of the members

  • The dams and drainage systems were reworked or rebuilt in 1994. We consider them safe and secure. However, this is a watershed system. Mother nature could send a torrent of water down the valley and wipe out a dam. Management will not return membership fees if a dam breaks or other acts of nature.

  • There are snakes on the property...take precautions.

  • Absolutely no swimming in any lake!

  • Any member or guest that breaks the rules or displays inappropriate behavior may be removed from the property or removed from the club. No refund of dues in these cases.

  • Management reserves the right to inspect the catch of anyone on the property at any time. Please cooperate with this management rule.

  • The Club environment is a Wildlife Refuge...absolutely no guns of any type are allowed (this includes BB guns and air rifles). No hunting or shooting on the Fishing Club property. The land north of lakes Snag, Swamp and Inez is leased to hunters.

  • As a community service, Thomas Wilson teaches bass fishing in the summer to a small class of Judson students. Wilson will bring his classes to fish in one of the Club lakes (two trips to the lakes per year). This usually amounts to eight students for a few hours in the afternoon during a weekday...never on the weekend. Judson fishing classes are in May-June and are not taught every year.

Thomas H. Wilson, Manager
1714 Prier Drive
Marion, AL 36756