Custombuilt Pondtoons

Outstanding new designed aluminum fishing boats. I (Thomas Wilson) have fished in this boat and I liked it very much. It is stable and has lots of flat surface for walking and fishing. The boat has a shallow 3 - 5 inch draft and it easily glides over weeds.

I am considereing the 16 foot model with low flyfishing railings.

Our Club member, Chris Ryan, 205-965-7949, is the area sales representative.

The Pondtoon is a custom built boat designed and manufactured in Geneva, Alabama.

Robert Branton lauching the 16 ft Pondtoon

Manager Wilson's brother, Ray, is a retired dentist from Arkansas. Ray recently bought this 16 ft Pondtoon from Chris and Robert. We took the new Pondtoon on its first fishing trip on Donavan Lake. The boat brought us luck. We caught nice bass in first class comfort.
16 ft pondtoon

Notice the low flyfishing rails and the dry storage under each seat. The trailer is coustom made for the Pondtoon. The Pondtoon can be purchased with or without the trailer.
Manager Wilson, Doug and Ray Wilson
Ray Wilson with first bass caught from 16 ft. pondtoon

Ray Wilson and his friend, Doug, caught good bass on Donavan Lake on the first trip in Ray's new Pondtoon. Ray named (decals on side of boat) the boat..."Tooth Fairy Drilling" after his natural gas exploration company in northern Arkansas.
Manager Wilson with big Pondtoon bass

Manager Wilson caught the largest bass on the first trip in brother Ray's Pondtoon...ha ha!

14 ft. Pondtoon boat

14 ft. model Pondtoon
14 ft. Pondtoon boat

14 ft Pondtoon with high side rails
I will post more photos of us fishing in the Pondtoon...stay tuned. tw
For more information, contact:
Dr. Thomas Wilson