Fishing TV show filmed at the Donavan Lakes Club

Fishing University

"The Original Instructional TV Fishing Program"

Hosted by: Charlie Ingram, 5 time BASS Classic Champion

Versus Dish Channel 151

Watch for the Donavan Lakes Fishing Club Episode. Charlie and his crew fished the Donavan Club lakes on Monday and Tuesday, 22 & 23 Feb. 2010. I will post the date that our club will air on our web site.
Charlie Ingram  (left) and Manager Wilson, Feb. 2010
TV camera crew
Filming TV episode on Lake Eli
Charlie Ingram and Bass Pro John Crew fished the Donavan Club on Saturday, 23 October, 2010...making another University Fishing Show (see images below).
Charlie Ingram - University Fishing
Club member, Rod Bamberg, gets an autograph from Charlie Ingram
Club member, Rod Bamberg, got Charlie's autograph. Rod then gave the fishermen several hints about fishing the lake.
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Dr. Thomas Wilson