Englishmen Visit the Donavan Inn and Club
Jerry King (red University of Alabama t-shirt) and Dave Pinch of Surrey, England, were guests of the Inn in late March, 2010. I invited them to help me with a few chores around the Inn and lakes. They were experienced gardeners and knew exactly what to do. However, I had to teach them about fire ants which they had never seen.
Jerry (red) & Dave planting dahlias
Dave and Jerry planting flowers
Jerry King with flowers
Jerry King poisoning fire ants
Jerry and Dave are railroad engineers on a holiday in Alabama. I think they came to our State because of our National Champion football team. They enjoyed watching the Alabama defense...especially Mount Cody at nose tackle.
Jerry and Dave install an American flag at gate
Jerry and Dave with flag
Jerry and Dave enjoyed installing an American Flag at the gate entrance to the Inn. They were impressed with the great number of American flags that they had seen on their trip down South. "We don't fly the Jolly Roger much in public in England...and that is too bad," stated Dave.
Manager Thomas Wilson and Jerry King
Jerry filling the fish feeder
Dave fishing from a lake pier
Jerry fishing from a pier
Jerry and Dave visited Perry Lakes Park and climbed the 100 ft tall birding tower. They really enjoyed the animals of "Earl's World" at the Inn. They wanted to see a snake or an aligator...but, missed out on this excitment. They borrowed my equipment and tried to catch a bass. A nice 2 lb bass was their best fish.
After Donavan Inn, they traveled to Mobile to see the Battleship Park and then to Dauphin Island for some seafood suppers..
Thomas H. Wilson, Manager
1714 Prier Drive
Marion, AL 36756